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This function allows retrieval of the position a ped's target range begins, when he is aiming with a weapon.


float float float getPedTargetStart ( ped targetingPed )

Required Arguments

  • targetingPed: The ped whose target start you wish to retrieve


Returns three floats, x,y,z, representing the position where the ped's target starts, or false if it was unsuccessful.


This Example draws a line from where the Ped´s Target Starts to the Point where the Target Ends

function drawline()
   local x, y, z = getPedTargetStart(localPlayer) -- Gets the Point to start From.
   if (x) then -- Checks if there is a Point to start From.
      local sx, sy, sz = getPedTargetCollision(localPlayer) -- Gets the Point where the Targets Collision is.
      dxDrawLine3D(x, y, z, sx, sy, sz) -- Draws the Line
addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, drawline) -- Adds the Handler.

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