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This function returns a player element for the player with the name passed to the function.


player getPlayerFromName ( string playerName )

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Method: Player(...)

Required Arguments

  • playerName: A string containing the name of the player you want to reference


Returns a player element for the player with the nickname provided. If there is no player with that name, false is returned.


This example finds a player as specified in the command and outputs the direction and distance he is from the player who entered the command. For example: 'locate someguy'.

function locatePlayer( sourcePlayer, command, who )
	local targetPlayer = getPlayerFromName ( who )                -- find the player that was specified in the command
	if ( targetPlayer ) then                                      -- if a player was found
		local x,y,z = getElementPosition ( sourcePlayer )     -- save the position of the player who entered the command
		local xp,yp,zp = getElementPosition ( targetPlayer )  -- save the position of the player who should be located
		local dir = nil
		if (yp > y) then
			dir = "N"
			dir = "S"
		if (xp > x) then
			dir = dir .. "E"
			dir = dir .. "W"
		local distance = math.ceil ( getDistanceBetweenPoints3D(x, y, z, xp, yp, zp) )
		outputChatBox( who .. " found " .. dir .. " (" .. distance .. ")", sourcePlayer) -- output the message
addCommandHandler ( "locate", locatePlayer )

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