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This event is triggered when a vehicle is damaged.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: This event is only triggered for vehicles that are streamed in


element theAttacker, int theWeapon, float loss, float damagePosX, float damagePosY, float damagePosZ, int tireID
  • theAttacker: An element if there was an attacker.
  • theWeapon: An integer specifying the weapon ID if a weapon was used. Otherwise Damage Type ID is used.
  • loss: A float representing the amount of damage taken.
  • damagePosX: A float representing the X co-ordinate of where the damage took place.
  • damagePosY: A float representing the Y co-ordinate of where the damage took place.
  • damagePosZ: A float representing the Z co-ordinate of where the damage took place.
  • tireID: A number representing the tire which took damage, if there is one.


The source of this event is the vehicle that got damaged.

Cancel effect

If this event is canceled, the vehicle health won't be reduced. Physical damage to the vehicle will remain.


This example makes every SWAT tank immune from all weapon attacks.

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function handleVehicleDamage(attacker, weapon, loss, x, y, z, tire)
    if (weapon and getElementModel(source) == 601) then
        -- A weapon was used and the vehicle model ID is that of the SWAT tank so cancel the damage.
addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage", root, handleVehicleDamage)

This example allows the Rhino to take damage from bullets even though they're bullet proof, this example doesn't work with explosions though.

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-- Only let these weapons damage a Rhino
local weaponsToDamageRhino = {
	[38] = true, -- minigun
	[33] = true, -- country rifle
	[34] = true, -- sniper rifle
	[30] = true, -- AK-47
	[31] = true, -- M4

function handleRhinoDamage(attacker, weapon, loss, x, y, z, tire)
	if (weapon and getElementModel(source) == 432 and loss > 0) then
		if (weaponsToDamageRhino[weapon]) then
			setElementHealth(source, getElementHealth(source) - loss)
addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage", root, handleRhinoDamage)

This example will makes all vehicle Fireproof.

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function fireproofvehicle(theAttacker, theWeapon)
	if(theWeapon == 37) then
addEventHandler("onClientVehicleDamage", getRootElement(), fireproofvehicle)

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