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This event is triggered when a player types a message into his console. It is also triggered when entering '/' commands via the chatbox.

[[{{{image}}}|link=]] Note: The event will not be triggered if the message can be processed by an existing command handler


string theMessage
  • theMessage: a string representing the message entered into the console.


The source of this event is the player that entered the message in the console. This can be a player or the server console.


This example adds the yo command into the script. For example, if a player called Bob types "yo likes pie" in console, it will display "* Bob likes pie" in the chatbox.

NOTE: this script is for example purposes only. This can be done in a more efficient way with addCommandHandler.
function input_Console ( text ) --when a player types in the console
	-- if it's an ingame player,
	if ( getElementType ( source ) == "player" ) then
		--split the command by spaces (ASCII 32) and get the first piece of text
		local command = gettok ( text, 1, 32 )
		--if the first piece of text was "yo",
		if ( command == "yo" ) then
			--get the player's name
			local playerName = getPlayerName ( source )
			-- get the action text by substracting the first three characters ("yo ")
			local actionText = string.sub ( text, 3 )
			-- announce the yo command into the chatbox
			outputChatBox ( "* " .. playerName .. " " .. actionText, getRootElement(), 255, 255, 0 )
addEventHandler ( "onConsole", getRootElement(), input_Console ) -- add an event handler for onConsole

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