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addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, draw)
addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, draw)

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This function draws a 2D primitive shape across the screen - rendered for one frame. This should be used in conjunction with onClientRender in order to display continuously.


bool dxDrawPrimitive ( string pType, bool postGUI, table vertice1 [, table vertice2, ...] )

Required Arguments

  • pType: Type of primitive to be drawn.
  • postGUI: A bool representing whether the line should be drawn on top of or behind any ingame GUI (rendered by CEGUI).
  • vertices: Tables representing each primitive vertice, required amount of them is determined by primitive type.

Allowed types

Available primitive types.

More info on primitives may be found on this MSDN site

  • pointlist: Renders the vertices as a collection of isolated points.
  • linelist: Renders the vertices as a list of isolated straight line segments.
  • linestrip: Renders the vertices as a single polyline.
  • trianglelist: Renders the specified vertices as a sequence of isolated triangles. Each group of three vertices defines a separate triangle.
  • trianglestrip: Renders the vertices as a triangle strip.
  • trianglefan: Renders the vertices as a triangle fan.

Vertices format

  • posX: An float representing the absolute X position of the vertice, represented by pixels on the screen.
  • posY: An float representing the absolute Y position of the vertice, represented by pixels on the screen.
  • color (optional): An integer of the hex color, produced using tocolor or 0xAARRGGBB (AA = alpha, RR = red, GG = green, BB = blue). If it's not specified, white color is used.


Returns a true if the operation was successful, false otherwise.


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This is a small example that creates trianglefan primitive with vertices in places that user clicks. It assigns every vertice random color.

local vertices = {}
function onClick(btn, state, x, y)
	if btn ~= "left" then return end
	if state ~= "up" then return end
	local vertice = {x, y, tocolor(math.random(255), math.random(255), math.random(255))}
	table.insert(vertices, vertice)
addEventHandler("onClientClick", root, onClick)

function draw()
	dxDrawPrimitive("trianglefan", true, unpack(vertices))
addEventHandler("onClientPreRender", root, draw)

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