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* [http://bugs.mtasa.com/ Bugtracker]
* [http://bugs.mtasa.com/ Bugtracker]
* [[Branches]]
* [[Branches]]
<div style="border: 1px solid #D8D8D8; padding:4px 8px 8px 8px; margin:10px;">
<div style="float:right; width: 32px;">[[File:Applications-office.png|link=]]</div>
<h3>Wiki - How can you help</h3>
* Finish documentation for [[:Category:Incomplete|Incomplete functions]].
* [[:Category:Needs_Example |Add examples to functions and events]].
* Review and verify [[:Category:Needs Checking|pages that need checking]].
* Write tutorials to help new people.
* Translate wiki pages.

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Welcome to the Multi Theft Auto tutorial section. On this section you'll find a wealth of tutorials on using Multi Theft Auto to the fullest.

There are many things you can do to help us improve MTA - create a map, a gamemode, help document scripting functions, write example code, write tutorials or just play MTA and report the bugs you find. You might be here for some help, but if you're here to create a tutorial - thanks.

If you have any questions or problems related to scripting, feel free to get in touch with us on our IRC Channel.



This section outlines all the Lua capabilites MTA or resources provide.





Forum Links


General Lua Help

Pages designed to aid your understanding of Lua