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1.6.0 was released on June 16, 2023. Beta was initially released on April 7, 2023.

Important notice to Windows 7 and 8.x users

If you are using Windows 7 or 8.x, please upgrade your system to Windows 10 or 11 as soon as possible. Windows 7 and 8.x are no longer supported by Microsoft (since January 2020 and January 2023 respectively) and most software (including Google Chrome and Steam) which means you are running an insecure system. Multi Theft Auto will also eventually drop Windows 7 and 8.x support sometime in the future, so it would be a good idea to start looking at upgrade options right now. Thank you!

CEF in MTA is no longer updated for Windows 7 or 8.x. This is because CEF no longer supports those versions of Windows. This bad for security, so please upgrade to Windows 10+ and MTA to 1.6+

12 Backwards Incompatible Changes

These changes will take effect in this version and scripts may need to be manually upgraded when updating:

  • Bloodring Banger (504) is now defined as doorless, to fix animations to be consistent with single player, this also causes setVehicleLocked to not lock the vehicle anymore, as entry happens through the window.
  • callRemote callbacks currently set the error code to nil when there is no error. In this version, to be consistent with fetchRemote, the error code reported will be 0 (#294).
  • Since Aug 2015, we replaced the custom mtalocal:// URL scheme with http://mta/resourceName/blah.html. The mtalocal:// URL scheme will now be removed (#1071).
  • Since Jul 2016 if you provide an invalid string like "randomstring" when a function expects a number, the string will be treated as 0 and raise a script warning. This will be now an error. You will still be able to provide strings containing numbers (e.g. "100" and "12.34"), this change only affects invalid strings (#1043).
  • Some functions expect only unsigned integers (positive numbers), and since Jan 2016 providing negative numbers would be a warning. This will now be an error (#1070).
  • When providing a width and height of (0, 0) to createBrowser or guiCreateBrowser you will encounter a script error instead of a warning, introduced in Feb 2019 (#1069).
  • The previously unused z argument in getElementsWithinRange now calculates elements in 3D space instead of 2D space (#1994).
  • Flamethrower ammo is no longer multiplied by 10 (#481).
  • Server-side createBlip now syncs blip size and color regardless of icon ID, previously only icon ID 0 had its size and color synced to clients (#1399).
  • Server-side givePlayerMoney and setPlayerMoney cap has been raised from 99.999.999 (8 digits) to 999.999.999 (9 digits) to match the maximum native UI value (#2654).
  • Players are now synced when exiting vehicle (#2084).
  • Server-side objects that were unbreakable by default, but would have been breakable client-side by default, are now breakable by default also server-side (commit).

5 Deprecations

These changes will take effect in this version and scripts may need to be manually upgraded when updating:

Notable Changes

This update is primarily focused on fixes and changes rather than new features, but there are a lot of features planned for the next release!

  • Many high FPS related inconsistency issues have been fixed by Merlin!
  • Script support for custom IMG containers, and ability to set model flags. Thanks to TheNormalnij!
  • A number of graphical effects
  • Added support for vehicle sun glare effect. Thanks to gta191977649 and TheNormalnij.
  • Added corona rain reflections. Thanks to lopezloo.
  • Added big sun lens flare effect. Thanks to gta191977649.
  • Added dynamic ped shadows. Thanks to lopezloo.
  • Grass should now render correctly. Thanks to TFP-dev.
  • ARM support for MTA server is here! This support should still considered experimental. Thanks to botder.
  • Added new Default 2023, GWEN Blue and GWEN Orange GUI skins. Thanks to Haxardous.
  • Added missing GTA special character skins (3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 42, 65, 86, 119, 273, 289). Thanks to Allerek.
  • Pictures taken with the camera weapon are now saved in higher quality. Thanks to lopezloo.
  • Many stability improvements
  • Many synchronization improvements
  • Many varying size fixes, quality of life improvements, updates and security enhancements to both core and resources!
  • Updates to all language translations from our Crowdin


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These are some statistics since the previous release.

  • This is the 27th 1.x.x release
  • 623 days of which 553 for beta release
  • 12 backwards incompatible changes
  • 26 new functions
  • 1 new event
  • 5 deprecations
  • 289+ bug fixes and changes
  • 956+ commits (mtasa-blue) (mtasa-resources)
  • 199 new open GitHub issues (see list)
  • 102 resolved GitHub issues (see list)
  • 92 closed GitHub issues (see list)
  • 44 new open GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 219 merged GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 107 closed GitHub pull requests (see list)
  • 45+ contributors of which 17+ are new (see list)
  • 100+ total contributors (see list)
  • 23 vendor updates

Note: Last update to these statistics was made 337 days ago.

15 New Features




192+ Changes and Bug Fixes



  • [Breaking change] Error out when creating a browser with size smaller than 1x1 (a26417f by patrikjuvonen)
  • [Breaking change] Removed mtalocal:// URL scheme and error out on bad usage (c4c01e2 by patrikjuvonen)
  • [Breaking change] Fixed incorrect Bloodring Banger enter/exit animation (2c6058d by lopezloo)
  • [Deprecation] Changed getCameraShakeLevel, setCameraShakeLevel to throw a warning on use, please upgrade to getCameraDrunkLevel and setCameraDrunkLevel instead (2651903 by Unde-R)
  • Added hook to change vehicle damage debris to the vehicle color (952448d by Merlin)
  • Added missing chat_text_outline CVAR to getChatboxLayout function (5cc419c by Pieter-Dewachter)
  • Added missing getType method for camera element (a89d975 by TheNormalnij and StrixG)
  • Added missing model ids and names scraped from .ide files (062dea3 by Merlin)
  • Added new world special property coronaztest (093ecf4 by gta191977649)
  • Added pthread and x64 files to the uninstall process (6ae2ff1 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Added ability to enable/disable custom weapons collisions (e27d97d by lopezloo)
  • Added dynamic ped shadows (74c359b and 136e9cf by lopezloo)
  • Added new default GUI skin (Default 2023) (2d9e033 by Haxardous and 6ae0f65 by botder)
  • Added new GUI skins GWEN Blue and GWEN Orange (88a26fe by Haxardous)
  • Added missing files to data checks (8531840 by Dutchman101)
  • Added resource.ip2c object to acl.xml RPC group (960a661 by Fernando-A-Rocha)
  • Added missing GTA special skins (3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 42, 65, 86, 119, 273, 289) (b10b2bf by Allerek)
  • Added ability to get debug setting (SettingDebugMode) in dxGetStatus (e628e40 by vyn666)
  • Added ability to restream LOD models in engineRestreamWorld using new parameter includeLODs (39f0394 by TFP-dev)
  • Avoid hierarchy in engineRequestModel (8e94ec1 and 85203a6 by TheNormalnij and Lpsd)
  • Allow allocation of timed-object models using engineRequestModel (f0a2424 by TheNormalnij)
  • Changed Enter a domain... text from web settings into a placeholder (dc82419 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Changed GUI relative argument to be false by default (9b022b6 by ghostkc12)
  • Changed setVehiclesLODDistance and setPedsLODDistance to be able to override client setting (a44db24 by samr46)
  • Changed max fpslimit to 32767 (50d8040 by Merlin)
  • Changed default vector wrapping from clamp to wrap (0dcdac3 by Lpsd)
  • Changed to proxy dll method for loading core.dll into GTA process (ffd2a4b, c78d725, 80e4078 and 3365030 by botder and ccw)
  • Check custom ped models before replacement (d999e3e by botder)
  • Cleaned up and refactored server code (693976b and cd1d208 by botder)
  • Cleaned up CClientVehicle.cpp file (8b806be by botder)
  • Cleaned up game_sa project (76b21f7, e0abb30, 889b6c8, 90bcdb4, d7082ed, c9c97f1, 3f5b874, d085fb9, 5e781d5, 4dff64f by Merlin)
  • Clean up file paths better (2fb2b35 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Clear client script memory after load (ce50b9e by Pirulax and cece630 by botder)
  • Decreased joystick saturation minimum from 51 to 0 (4fcf3eb by patrikjuvonen)
  • Detect graphics libraries in MTA directory (a0645ac by botder)
  • Disabled camera collisions for detached vehicle parts and projectiles (1c00ef9 by lopezloo)
  • Disabled system context menu (34d61b5 by lopezloo)
  • Ensure files are within bounds (07d0cf7 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fixed access violation in getVehicleWheelFrictionState for vehicles not streamed in (dde0e59 by botder)
  • Fixed a small memory leak for engineRequestModel (b2a625b by TheNormalnij and Vladislav Nikolaevich)
  • Fixed broken doors and damage sync for custom vehicles (51d3288 by BCG2000)
  • Fixed camera to autofocus on new car on warpPedIntoVehicle (607b57d by TheNormalnij and Vladislav Nikolaevich)
  • Fixed chatbox when using inputBlocked argument (bd62e56 by Pieter-Dewachter)
  • Fixed crash when pickup has invalid custom model (1b17869 by TheNormalnij)
  • Fixed crash when removing key binds while processing a key stroke (90f757d by botder)
  • Fixed getVehicleType and getVehicleMaxPassengers not returning specific values and players cannot enter as passengers on vehicles added with engineRequestModel (141438f by BCG2000)
  • Fixed interiors lacking radio (e573959 by lopezloo)
  • Fixed key binds breaking on resource stop (8c78fba and 280131f by botder)
  • Fixed mirrored position of light_front_second vehicle dummy (32aeb0e by botder)
  • Fixed setElementModel forcing an element to be streamed in no matter the distance from localPlayer (467df06 by TheNormalnij)
  • Fixed sync of damaged light states and wheel states (fe48d09 by Addlibs)
  • Fixed unused binds descriptions are always in English (32962a6 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fixed single player HUD setting affecting MTA (7ead65d by Merlin)
  • Fixed isElementInWater returning false if ped or player is in vehicle in water (29f3038 by Santi)
  • Fixed refresh rate limited to 60Hz in full screen mode for some setups (5207a31 and 5c77d97 by samr46)
  • Fixed water sound level outside of game boundaries on setWaterLevel (aed0554 by samr46)
  • Fixed muzzle flash not showing for the last bullet in magazine (80b17d9 by Merlin)
  • Fixed various high FPS related issues
  • Fixed health bar blinking faster on high FPS (df4d35d by Merlin)
  • Fixed walking while aiming on high FPS (e64d311 by Merlin)
  • Fixed aircraft and boat lights blinking faster on high FPS (f597c46 by Merlin)
  • Fixed breakable objects decaying faster on high FPS (7c26ddd by Merlin)
  • Fixed rocket launcher spawning too many effects on high FPS (167adda by Merlin)
  • Fixed wheels spawning too many surface effects on high FPS (d2b2c45 by Merlin)
  • Fixed stuntplane and cropduster spawning too many smoke trail particles on high FPS (e9cc0a3 by Merlin)
  • Fixed water cannon decaying much faster on high FPS (32c04f0 by Merlin)
  • Fixed setCameraShakeLevel shaking too fast on high FPS (893858d by Merlin)
  • Fixed setPedHeadless spawning too many particles on high FPS (2e1042f by Merlin)
  • Fixed more high FPS issues (bcc56b5 by Merlin)
  • Fixed money animation playing faster on high FPS
  • Fixed walking through water spawn too many particles on high FPS
  • Fixed spawning too many weather particles on high FPS
  • Fixed airplane spawning too many damage particles on high FPS
  • Fixed vehicles spawning too much sand and water particles on high FPS
  • Fixed boats spawning too many particles on high FPS
  • Fixed spawning too many rain particles on vehicles on high FPS
  • Fixed airplanes spawning too many particles when damaged on high FPS
  • Fixed vehicles spawning too many exhaust particles on high FPS
  • Fixed spawning too many particles while swimming on high FPS
  • Fixed helicopters taking off faster on high FPS (40c178e by Merlin)
  • Fixed more high FPS issues (7c8a1ab by Merlin)
  • Fixed fog moving too fast on high FPS
  • Fixed glass shards spinning and expanding too fast on high FPS
  • Fixed boats being slow on high FPS
  • Fixed camera drunk/shake level not resetting on server disconnect (3f71f1b by Lpsd)
  • Fixed grass not rendering (52798a2 by TFP-dev)
  • Fixed server browser search input disappearing at times (7c75015 by lopezloo)
  • Fixed interior radio crash (d003360 by TheNormalnij and 7eb3613 by Lpsd)
  • Fixed installer overwriting MTA shortcuts (d557104 by se16n)
  • Fixed a typo in fakelag command text (39e7268 by JessePinkman)
  • Fixed zoom_in/out binds being inverted & fix ability to control zoom by weapon_next/previous binds (4a4bcbc by darkdrifter)
  • Fixed a game crash if FxEmitterBP_c::LoadTextures failed to load main texture (5a598d7 and 9667cbe by botder)
  • Fixed a crash in FxPrim_c::Enable (05c639c by botder)
  • Fixed model replacement for unstreamed models (c667e2a and 7d8718c by botder)
  • Fixed desktop shortcut creation in installer script (1c04346 and 3f6dac6 by botder)
  • Fixed broken client Windows GDF file and updated its hardcoded version and URLs (d54afd7 and 579775d by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fixed a client crash caused by buffer overflow issues in GetNameAndDamage (1129399 and 1fc700f by Pirulax and 29dfe4b by Pieter-Dewachter)
  • Fixed a client crash caused by GOOGLE_API_KEY, GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_ID and GOOGLE_DEFAULT_CLIENT_SECRET environment variables (9f8e6cd by TEDERIs)
  • Fixed a client crash on disconnect after using engineSetModelPhysicalPropertiesGroup on custom models (047f709 by TheNormalnij)
  • Fixed launching MTA with ARM emulation (9fa2d19 by botder)
  • Fixed a client crash after resetting bind (0454e3c by Dutchman101)
  • Fixed CEF crashing on Wine (ca04b07 by vahook)
  • Fixed download progress calculation (74c2a5d by Lpsd)
  • Fixed random foliage on replaced collisions (0a1cbb8 by TFP-dev)
  • Fixed get/set vehicle model wheel size memory leak (de3dc70 by TheNormalnij)
  • Fixed camera tilt not working when camera is fading (bda1506 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fixed visit news button text overflow with localized string (1e1d3d5 by theSarrum)
  • Fixed various issues with the uninstaller, it now does a better job at cleaning up leftover files and registry entries (multiple commits by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fixed 'Offline' checkbox label autosizing in the server browser (0291f82 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fixed shortcuts created by the installer (741103d by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fixed dxSetShaderTransform affecting other shaders (2bb5054 by tederis)
  • Fixed crash when streamed in object with custom model is deleted (on disconnect) (5df6d1f by botder)
  • Fixed a crash related to when ped weapon slot is being set (87644f5 by botder)
  • Fixed a crash related to providing an empty string in executeBrowserJavascript (2cd5784 by CrosRoad95)
  • Fixed various cursor alpha issues (87e3dce by Lpsd)
  • Group windows under a single taskbar button on Windows (56fbfc3 by botder)
  • Implemented delete control character handling in chatbox (0648e9c by patrikjuvonen)
  • Improved setSoundEffectParameter error messages (cf5d166 by Pirulax and botder)
  • Improved CEF DX utilization & thread-safety fixes (8863f60 by TEDERIs)
  • Improved SVG stability (403df24 by TEDERIs)
  • Improved unescape safety (ed5e6c4 by Jusonex)
  • Improved http error safety (88b623e by Jusonex)
  • Improved camera weapon picture quality (2acf0cd by lopezloo)
  • Massively increase quality of splash image (ab2a1b9 and 4a82776 by botder and 11c3116 by Dutchman101)
  • Refactored key binds (2878168, 5c0afad, 6e87551 and 73e4e42 by botder)
  • Removed async tasks in SVG and updated callback usage (3157905 by Lpsd)
  • Removed now unnecessary strafe workaround (a331072 by Merlin)
  • Removed dummy window from taskbar (7dccdf4 by lopezloo)
  • Do not reset handling for custom models on a non-local vehicle (3c3af04 by Inder00)
  • Show dialog for dxgi.dll in GTA install directory (fb26d72 by botder)
  • Split grenade collision from weapon collision (0e2b203 by Merlin)
  • Internationalized news window title (a446f02 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated main menu images (d38c107 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated CGUI images (c1a958c by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated en_US images, added latest_news.png (42693d8 and cd0cce7 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated main menu logo (4b9a3a4 and aa1e1d4 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated translations (73c6457 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated various non-https links to https (2722466 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated credits (894c0f7 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fixed inability to warp client-side ped to client-side trailer (4e7fd05 by Tracer)


  • [Breaking change] Changed callRemote to return 0 as errno upon successful request to be consistent with fetchRemote (507de5f by patrikjuvonen)
  • [Breaking change] Fixed flamethrower ammo to not be multiplied by 10 (35ea5e4 by patrikjuvonen)
  • [Breaking change] Fixed createBlip to sync blip size and color regardless of icon ID (049e976 by patrikjuvonen)
  • [Breaking change] Server-side objects that were unbreakable by default, but would have been breakable client-side by default, are now breakable by default also server-side. Also added server-side support for isObjectBreakable, setObjectBreakable, and the breakable map object attribute (commit)
  • [Deprecation] Changed givePedJetPack, removePedJetPack and doesPedHaveJetPack to throw a warning on use, please upgrade to setPedWearingJetpack and isPedWearingJetpack instead (804c66b by qaisjp)
  • Added a space between quit reasons when redirecting (84e6e90 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Added persist parameter to setElementSyncer (3485fd3 by MegadreamsBE)
  • Added limits to ehs form fields (7642b05 by botder and patrikjuvonen)
  • Added limits to acl object length (c497e23 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Consider only affected players for element data stats (2b549e4 by TEDERIs)
  • Fixed server executable name for x64 on Windows (a11758c by botder)
  • Fixed onPedDamage not working (143102a by xLive)
  • Fixed kicking player while redirecting (c56add8 by TeteX1)
  • Fixed banPlayer not kicking all players with the same IP address (d073b61 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Fixed a crash caused by latent events (934967f by tederis)
  • Fixed server console history not working right with utf (1813cb4 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Improved ehs authentication checking (2a84701 by patrikjuvonen)
  • The vehicle "Street Clean Trailer (611)" now uses the same default color from its truck "Utility Van (552)" instead of being always fully black (6e5cd4a by Lord-Henry)
  • Updated and fixed server launcher icon (8729c9f by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated default FPS limit to 74 in mtaserver.conf (6c1f318 by Dutchman101)
  • Use vector length method instead of manual distance calculation when using removeWorldModel server-side (a3c83c8 by NanoBob)
  • Fixed warpPedIntoVehicle causing a C++ runtime assertion failure (eba619d by Tracer)

More Technical Changes and Bug Fixes

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  • Added null-pointer checks in CWorld::FindObjectsKindaCollidingSectorList (8e8aa3a by Merlin)
  • Added a weak crash fix for CPed::GetBonePosition (3d1b87a by botder)
  • Added null-pointer check for a few RpClump functions (3e348d1 and 4582f8a by botder)
  • Added check for active resource in CLuaDefs::CanUseFunction (4a94343 by Lpsd)
  • Fixed a bug with ErrorPrintf for server-side modules (29e11de by theSarrum)
  • Various code clean ups and refactors
  • Refactored CBufferRef to use std::shared_ptr (49fa848 by Pirulax)
  • Removed non-existent vendor from include (9616ae1 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Got rid of std::function in AsyncTaskSched (c372dc3 by Pirulax)
  • Improved performance of CClientObjectManager::UpdateLimitInfo (0160e18 by Merlin)
  • Initialized lastSyncType variable in addElementDataSubscriber (ca3b0b7 by botder)
  • Removed CRefCountableST (4482f13 by Pirulax)
  • Updated GitHub issue templates (9b2dbbb, 70e59bb and 07204d2 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated launchers (5b4ce8a by patrikjuvonen, 368864b and 11c3116 by Dutchman101)
  • Upgraded l10n scripts to use python3 and automate pot file generation (583f2b9 by darkdreamingdan and patrikjuvonen)
  • Upgraded to Visual Studio 2022 and v143 toolset (3d94c21, bbd0c42, d3079d5 and 5a7bb84 by Dutchman101 and 96e690e, d8cfdea and f2dda37 by botder)
  • Overhauled game launch logic (various commits by botder)
  • Overhauled loader (various commits by botder)
  • Overhauled updater (various commits by botder)
  • Decoupled Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 into their own branch to support Windows 10+ CEF updates (by patrikjuvonen)
  • Refactor BitStream to use std::string_view (66ff543 by Pirulax)
  • Various Docker related improvements and tweaks by botder

23 Vendor Updates


  • Updated BASS libraries (various commits, c557f77 by Dutchman101)
  • Updated CEF from Chromium 94.0.4606.61 (CEF 94.4.2+g6a963ca)
    • Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 only: to Chromium 109.0.5414.120 (CEF 109.1.18+gf1c41e4) (various commits by Dutchman101, patrikjuvonen and Lpsd)
    • Windows 10+: to Chromium 114.0.5735.110 (CEF 114.2.10+g398e3c3) (28544e4 by Dutchman101)
  • Updated freetype from 2.10.4 to 2.13.0 (bce4ae7 and 68cc675 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated libspeex from 1.2rc2 to 1.2 and libspeexdsp from 1.2rc2 to 1.2rc3 (deef8dc by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated lunasvg from 2.2.0 to 2.3.8 (929b3ee by Lpsd and patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated libpng from 1.6.37 to 1.6.39 (94bab09 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated nvapi to r530 (6d5bb39 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated libjpeg from 9d to 9e (c6aafc6 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated unifont from 13.0.06 to 15.0.06 (b81eec8 by patrikjuvonen)


  • Updated sqlite from 3.36.0 to 3.42.0 (0f072bc by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated mysql-connector-c from 6.0.2 to 6.1.11 (9f88f41 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated minizip from 1.01e to 1.1 (76ce14e by patrikjuvonen)


  • Updated curl from 7.79.1 to 8.1.2 (602e918 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated mbedtls from 2.27.0 to 2.28.3 (d8e29be and b233b85 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated cryptopp from 8.6.0 to 8.7.0 (c10ca92 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated zlib from 1.2.11 to 1.2.13 (6df121b by patrikjuvonen and e467585 by Lpsd)
  • Updated unrar from 6.02 to 6.21 (66a16ff and e816959 by patrikjuvonen and 66017cd by Lpsd)
  • Updated json-c from 0.15 to 0.16 (4cfbaa7 by patrikjuvonen)
  • Updated NSIS from nsis-2.46.5-unicode to nsis-3.08 and 4 plugins and scripts (423b55d by patrikjuvonen and commits by Dutchman101)


61+ Changes and Bug Fixes

  • Added a new "restore" button within Editor's "Current Elements" window (15fbc95 by Haxardous and Fernando-A-Rocha)
  • Fixed empty if branches (2660580 by ArranTuna)
  • Fixed inconsistent indentation (49d3259 and 2d68470 by ArranTuna)
  • Fixed lines containing trailing whitespaces (555a8ba by ArranTuna)
  • Fixed lint errors (ccf98a1 and 7ee8890 by ArranTuna)
  • Fixed lint warnings (b139dd9, 372a8fa, ad1522f, 3868016, a7fbea7, a474c54 and 18a495c by ArranTuna)
  • Fixed "shadowing definition of loop variable" lint warnings (02233db by ArranTuna)
  • Fixed elementbrowser and resourcemanager not working by removing legacy JSON library and some ajax refactoring (bde31f8 by 4O4)
  • Removed some unused variables (0d424d1 by ArranTuna)
  • Replaced getLocalPlayer with localPlayer across multiple resources (01f7695 by ArranTuna)
  • Replaced getResourceRootElement with resourceRoot across multiple resources (0dee496 by ArranTuna)
  • Replaced getRootElement with root across multiple resources (9582a82 by ArranTuna)
  • Upgraded admin2, interiors, parachute and freeroam resources to use the new jetpack functions (c618a18 by xLive)
  • [admin] Fixed "previously defined" warnings (4ffc5d0 and 3ed3219 by ArranTuna)
  • [admin] Removed non-existent functions (a594174 by ghostkc12)
  • [admin] Removed serial validation (c6259f6 by srslyyyy)
  • [admin] Improved admin to use a newly added server event instead of a client script (0cb4877 by srslyyyy)
  • [admin] Updated ip2c mirror link (9ad4c36 by Dutchman101)
  • [admin] Updated IpToCountryCompact.csv (310c59f by Dutchman101)
  • [admin] Fixed "No map selected!" message box when clicking search map editbox (0b7d576 by Mkl21)
  • [admin2] Fixed spectator player action buttons (01af273 by Dark-Dragon)
  • [admin2] Fixed various sorting related gridlist issues (e0d1642 by Dark-Dragon)
  • [admin2] Added missing set nick functionality (39c40e6 by Dark-Dragon)
  • [ajax] Use application/json request header when sending a JSON POST request (11c466a by Xenius97)
  • [ctf] Various fixes, cleanups and refactoring (609ac0c by IIYAMA12)
  • [deathmatch] Major refactor (9f57aa8 by jlillis)
  • [editor] Fixed some debug warnings (5e9f222 by ArranTuna)
  • [editor] Improved some debug outputs (be3477d by ArranTuna)
  • [editor] Small improvements in editor_main (7816898 by srslyyyy)
  • [editor] Updated gamemodestopper.lua in editor_main (bfad624, 3063712 and 7955351 by srslyyyy)
  • [editor] Fixed a typo in text (8722f2b by Dutchman101)
  • [editor] Rotation improvements (ced470e by Zangomangu)
  • [editor] Fixed delete button not restoring element (f0d0285 by Haxardous)
  • [editor] Removed breakable workaround in favour of the now native support for it (33e54e4, 1798167 and 006eefb by patrikjuvonen)
  • [editor_main] Improved scripting extensions (7a8ae06 by srslyyyy)
  • [editor_main] Disabled unused OOP in meta.xml for scripting extensions (95f3c36 by srslyyyy)
  • [editor_main] Fixed version warning (29e1ae0 by srslyyyy)
  • [freecam] Added support for changing field of view (a960ba4 by Xenius97)
  • [freecam] Fixed freecam mouse & key input by ignoring it when MTA window not focused (316f536 by Fernando-A-Rocha)
  • [gameplay] Added button to delete handlings in hedit (0835ecd and 6509b74 by ricksterhd123, Inder00, Disinterpreter and Dutchman101)
  • [gameplay] Fixed a debug warning in freeroam (36b4f00 by ArranTuna)
  • [gameplay] Fixed steering lock glitch on bikes and motorcycles in hedit (f76952b and d252b9f by Dutchman101)
  • [gameplay] Fixed typos in hedit and sfxbrowser (814437b by TheNormalnij)
  • [gameplay] Settings support and code refactor for joinquit (bbd536d by itslewiswatson)
  • [gameplay] Small fixes for defaultstats (b09bd68 by srslyyyy)
  • [gameplay] Small optimization on servers that use a lot of element data in parachute (7b9d047 and d252b9f by Dutchman101)
  • [gameplay] Some improvements in deathpickups (aa9782e by srslyyyy)
  • [hay] Fixed hay not resetting (036ff61 by Dark-Dragon)
  • [hedit] Added translations for delete button (2b7439d by ricksterhd123 and Disinterpreter)
  • [ip2c] Added new ip2c default resource (decoupled from admin resource) (f64d657 by Fernando-A-Rocha and srslyyyy)
  • [play] Refactored code (7b66c78 by srslyyyy)
  • [playerblips] Various improvements (9e79974 by jlillis)
  • [rustlerbombs] Added new rustlerbombs default resource (49961eb by Dutchman101)
  • [scoreboard] Trigger events improvements (9be00d6 by srslyyyy)
  • [scoreboard] Performance improvements (3d3c592 and 89f1224 by srslyyyy)
  • [scoreboard] Make /setcountry command available to all players, rather than just admins (d8cff2d by Dutchman101)
  • [scoreboard] Add 'fake ping' (/setping) command, to complement /setcountry and make it more believable for users (7aea1cc and d06f1d5 by Dutchman101)
  • [voice_local] Added new voice_local default resource (25d4a4f by Dutchman101)
  • [web] Fixed resourcemanager (37348ce by ArranTuna)
  • [webadmin] Fixed a typo in CSS (70361a4 by RatajVaver)
  • [webmap] Switched to domain for loading map tiles (218f2c7 by patrikjuvonen)

Extra information

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