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Emblem-important.png This function is deprecated. This means that its use is discouraged and that it might not exist in future versions.

Please use setPedWearingJetpack instead.

This function is used to give a ped a jetpack, it won't work if the ped is in a vehicle.

As such, you should either expect it to fail sometimes, or repeatedly try to give a jetpack every second or so until doesPedHaveJetPack returns true. Alternatively, you can force the ped into a 'safe' position (e.g. standing on the ground) before giving the jetpack, or use a pickup to handle it.


bool givePedJetPack ( ped thePed )

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Method: ped:giveJetPack(...)

Required Arguments

  • thePed: The ped you want to give a jetpack to.


Returns true if a jetpack was successfully given to the ped, false if it could not be given.


This examples adds a "jetpack" console command, which gives or removes a jetpack from the player.

-- Checks whether or not the player has a jetpack, and gives or removes it from the player
function consoleJetPack ( thePlayer, commandName )
   if not doesPedHaveJetPack ( thePlayer ) then                   -- if the player doesn't have a jetpack
      local status = givePedJetPack ( thePlayer )                 -- give him one
      if not status then
         outputConsole ( "Failed to give jetpack.", thePlayer )   -- tell him if it failed
      local status = removePedJetPack ( thePlayer )               -- remove his jetpack
      if ( not status ) then
         outputConsole ( "Failed to remove jetpack.", thePlayer ) -- tell him if it failed

-- add the function above to handle the "jetpack" command
addCommandHandler ( "jetpack", consoleJetPack )

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