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This function is used to give a ped a jetpack, it won't work if the ped is in a vehicle.

As such, you should either expect it to fail sometimes, or repeatedly try to give a jetpack every second or so until doesPedHaveJetPack returns true. Alternatively, you can force the ped into a 'safe' position (e.g. standing on the ground) before giving the jetpack, or use a pickup to handle it.


bool givePedJetPack ( ped thePed )

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Method: ped:giveJetPack(...)

Required Arguments

  • thePed: The ped you want to give a jetpack to.


Returns true if a jetpack was successfully given to the ped, false if it could not be given.


This examples adds a "jetpack" console command, which gives or removes a jetpack from the player.

-- Checks whether or not the player has a jetpack, and gives or removes it from the player
function consoleJetPack ( thePlayer, commandName )
   if not doesPedHaveJetPack ( thePlayer ) then                   -- if the player doesn't have a jetpack
      local status = givePedJetPack ( thePlayer )                 -- give him one
      if not status then
         outputConsole ( "Failed to give jetpack.", thePlayer )   -- tell him if it failed
      local status = removePedJetPack ( thePlayer )               -- remove his jetpack
      if ( not status ) then
         outputConsole ( "Failed to remove jetpack.", thePlayer ) -- tell him if it failed

-- add the function above to handle the "jetpack" command
addCommandHandler ( "jetpack", consoleJetPack )


Issue ID Description
#9522 Setting a ped's or player's position, animation, or freezing them whilst occupying a jetpack will remove their jetpack, but not the jetpack sound

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