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Welcome to the Multi Theft Auto tutorial section. On this section you'll find a wealth of tutorials teaching you how to use Multi Theft Auto effectively.

There are many things you can do to help us improve MTA - create a map, a gamemode, help document scripting functions, write example code, write tutorials or just play MTA and report the bugs you find. You might be here for some help, but if you're here to create a tutorial - thanks. You can view a list of all the documented tutorials at the bottom of this page.

If you have any questions or problems related to scripting, feel free to get in touch with us on our IRC Channel.

A tutorial to create a new tutorial?

Nah, there's a small list of criteria for tutorials so make sure you read them. Any offending tutorials will be probed until fixed by various raged developers. Make sure you read the Adding Pages to Categories and Templates tutorial, this will teach you how to add the "Tutorials" category to your new tutorial.

Tutorial criteria

  • All tutorials must be tested, if not tested they should be marked as so.
  • Use a uniform scripting style throughout your tutorial
  • Tutorials must be taught, not just shown and commented. Commenting is important, but it must be effective.
  • Commenting must be effective, don't comment every line and especially don't individually comment every addCommandHandler
  • Posting code which is commented but not going through the code is NOT what a tutorial is!
  • Tutorials must be written in text, supported by images or videos when necessary.
  • Append [[Category:Tutorials]] to the tutorial page to make it properly appear in the tutorial list, don't edit the list directly.
  • Exclude "how to" from the title name, try to stick to the naming structure of