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BETA: NEW FEATURE (BUILD: 1.6.0 r21914)
This event is triggered every time an explosion is created either by server-side createExplosion, or when reported by player.


float x, float y, float z, int theType
  • x: X coordinate of where the explosion was created
  • y: Y coordinate of where the explosion was created
  • z: Z coordinate of where the explosion was created
  • theType: the type of explosion created, see: Explosion types


The source of this event is the player who notified server about explosion, or root if explosion was created server-side along without specifying creator in createExplosion.


If this event is canceled, the explosion will not occur.


This example outputs information about occuring explosion.

local debugMsgLevel = 4
local debugMsgR = 255
local debugMsgG = 127
local debugMsgB = 0
local explosionTypes = {
	[0] = "Grenade",
	[1] = "Molotov",
	[2] = "Rocket",
	[3] = "Rocket Weak",
	[4] = "Car",
	[5] = "Car Quick",
	[6] = "Boat",
	[7] = "Aircraft",
	[8] = "Mine",
	[9] = "Object",
	[10] = "Tank Grenade",
	[11] = "Small",
	[12] = "Tiny",

function onExplosion(explosionX, explosionY, explosionZ, explosionType)
	local explosionPos = explosionX..", "..explosionY..", "..explosionZ
	local explosionTypeName = explosionTypes[explosionType]
	local explosionSource = inspect(source)
	local debugMsg = explosionTypeName.." explosion has occured at "..explosionPos.." (source: "..explosionSource..")"

	outputDebugString(debugMsg, debugMsgLevel, debugMsgR, debugMsgG, debugMsgB)
addEventHandler("onExplosion", root, onExplosion)

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