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This event is triggered when a ban is removed from the server.

if the ban was removed using function removeBan, and the responsibleElement was not specifying, the event will return nil.


ban theBan, player responsibleElement
  • theBan : the ban that will be removed.
  • responsibleElement: the player who removed the ban, otherwise returns nil.


The source is always the global root element.

Cancel effect

If this event is canceled, the requested unban is not performed.


This example does...

root = getRootElement()

function announceUnban( theBan, responsibleElement )
	if getElementType( responsibleElement ) then --Check if a player unbanned the IP/Serial
		outputChatBox( getPlayerName( responsibleElement ) .. " unbanned " .. ( getBanSerial(theBan) or getBanIP(theBan) ) ) --Output to the chatbox saying the player has unbanned the IP/Serial

addEventHandler( "onUnban", root, announceUnban ) --Adds the event handler for 'onUnban'


Version Description
1.3.0-9.03908 Fixed/added responsible element parameter

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