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This event is triggered when a ped is killed or dies. It is not triggered for players.


int totalAmmo, element killer, int killerWeapon, int bodypart, bool stealth
  • totalAmmo: an int representing the total ammo the victim had when he died.
  • killer: an element representing the player, ped or vehicle who was the killer. If there was no killer this is false.
  • killerWeapon: an int representing the killer weapon or the damage types.
  • bodypart: an int representing the bodypart ID the victim was hit on when he died.
  • 3: Torso
  • 4: Ass
  • 5: Left Arm
  • 6: Right Arm
  • 7: Left Leg
  • 8: Right Leg
  • 9: Head
  • stealth: a boolean representing whether or not this was a stealth kill.


The source of this event is the ped that died or got killed.


This example outputs to the console that the ped is now dead.

ped1 = createPed(112, 0, 0, 0) --Create our Ped
function died()
    outputConsole("Your Ped is dead now!")
addEventHandler("onPedWasted", ped1, died) --Add the Event when ped1 dies

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