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This function sets a given property of a specified browser.


bool setBrowserProperty ( browser theBrowser, string key, string value )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: browser:setProperty(...)
Counterpart: getBrowserProperty

Required arguments

  • theBrowser: The browser element you want to set a property of
  • key: The browser property key. It can be:
    • mobile: Surfing the web as mobile
  • value: A value indicating whether to enable ("1") the property or not ("0")


Returns true if the property was successfully set, false otherwise.


This example will add a command handler for 'mobile' that will toggle mobile browsing for all browsers.

    function ()
        for i, browser in pairs(getElementsByType("webbrowser")) do
            setBrowserProperty(browser, "mobile", getBrowserProperty(browser, "mobile") == "1" and "0" or "1")

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