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Main Additions / Changes

  • Localization of MTA's menus
  • OOP classes
  • Matrices and Vectors
  • Significantly improved train synchronization
  • Improved all sound functions to work with player elements


Scripting: New functions



Shared (Client & Server side)

  • isElementWaitingForGroundToLoad
  • Added additional optional parameter bInstant to setPlayerMoney to instantly set the money without counting up/down
  • Fixed toJSON/fromJSON not handling binary data properly

Scripting: New Events



Scripting: Changes, Bugfixes and Additions

  • Fixed getResourceConfig() not working on foreign resources
  • Fixed the Brown Streak Carriage (ID: 570)
  • Changed attachTrailerToVehicle to support trains


Client: Additions

  • Distinguish between left and right Shift, Ctrl and Alt presses.
  • Added SettingHUDMatchAspectRatio, SettingAspectRatio to dxGetStatus.
  • Added support for the use of Opus Codec audio files in playSound and playSound3D.

Client: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fixed the money "counts down" GTA-Style when you change a server.
  • Fixed peds being invulnerable to gun fire when doing a drive by.
  • Fixed onClientPlayerDamage not triggering for spray can.
  • Satchels should now be removed on resetMapInfo.
  • Fixed getPedMoveState returns false when moving in crouch state
  • Fixed guiScrollPaneGetVerticalScrollPosition returning strange and stepped values.
  • Fixed setPedCameraRotation not working.
  • Fixed peds continuing to fire their weapons after running out of ammo.
  • Fixed radio titles not always showing.
  • Fixed radio music skipping when browsing between different channels.
  • Fixed user track skip (F5) being disabled.
  • Fixed vehicles falling through the map.


Server: Additions

  • setElementDimension should now apply to children
  • More descriptive module error messages
  • Commands: unloadmodule and reloadmodule
  • Added server side custom weapons.

Server: Bugfixes & Changes

  • Fixed 128 character limit in setAccountData
  • Wildcard bans should now be checked properly on connect
  • Fixed Team members not being sent to clients if set in onResourceStart.


  • None yet


  • None yet

Extra information

More detailed information available on Bug tracker Changelog and Google Code repositories: