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MTA:SA Version Changelogs
1.0 1.0.0 • 1.0.1 • 1.0.2 • 1.0.3 • 1.0.4
1.1 1.1.0 • 1.1.1
1.2 1.2.0
1.6 1.6.0

Main Additions / Changes

  • Added Custom Vehicle Sirens
  • Fixed map files are downloading very slow issue
  • Fixed timeouts on map change
  • Fixed various issues, crashes and freezes
  • Updated max players to 4096
  • Added BASS Effects
  • Added Analog Controls States
  • Added bullet sync
  • Fixed several custom model replacing issues
  • Windows 8 support (both 32-bits and 64-bits)
  • Added ability to create pedless weapons via weapon creation
  • Improved Map Editor stability and added new features
  • Installers for regular builds and nightlies are now digitally signed


New Functions

New Events

Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed 'not being able to enter vehicles' bug
  • Added order priority to addEventHandler
  • Fixed 'engineless' NRG-500 Variant
  • Added option to skip Dual Monitor Resolution Select
  • Made playSound3D use the camera position instead of the player position when determining the distance
  • Added color coding and sub-pixel positioning options to dxDrawText
  • Added ability to create and modify cubemaps and volume textures - Details: dxCreateTexture
  • Added model cache system to reduce loading delays
  • Added CJ clothes cache to help reduce game freezes
  • Sped up event handling system for server and client
  • Added element option to engineApplyShaderToWorldTexture
  • Added optional bool to getElementMatrix ( element, bool )
  • Added unrar for smoother update procedure
  • Fixed custom model replacement errors sometimes with weapons & weapon pickups.
  • Fixed vehicle upgrade custom models not showing immediately
  • Fixed accuracy of hit point in onClientPlayerWeaponFire and added shot origin parameter
  • Fixed setPedAimTarget direction being all wrong
  • Fixed issue when peds' bullets origin from wrong position
  • Fixed custom models not rendering correctly sometimes parameter
  • Fixed custom model LOD distance is not reseting after quiting
  • Added size limit for clientscript.log file
  • Added ability to shoot with any weapon with jetpack
  • Made timers less crashy
  • Fixed some animation crashes
  • Fixed getPedMoveState returns false when moving in crouch state
  • Fixed a bug when a resource that replace an object model (dff) and texture (txd) is stopped the object texture get white
  • Added ped pixel shaders
  • Added ability to layer multiple shaders on a world texture
  • Fixed Windows 8 missing dll error
  • Fixed setElementPosition for vehicles on a non streamed in position will make the vehicle spin very quickly
  • Added check for GTA file loading failures
  • Fixed map editor crash
  • Fixed floating vehicles when using setVehicleIdleRespawnDelay
  • Fixed showhud not fully working before the player has spawned
  • Fixed connect problem when using a domain name that starts with a number
  • Fixed missing font error message
  • Fixed getSoundLength returns 0 for sound streams (not radio streams)
  • Fixed a crash when taking a screenshot and minimizing then restoring
  • Fixed setElementFrozen killing players from falls
  • Fixed textures disappearing and flickering at certain camera angles


New Functions

New Events

  • None yet

Changes / Bug Fixes

  • Fixed map files are downloading very slow issue
  • Fixed timeouts on map change
  • Tweaks and fixes for vehicle sync
  • Added order priority to addEventHandler
  • Improved performance when the server has a large number of IP bans
  • Added debug info to timers
  • Added adjustable sync rates to setServerConfigSetting and the server config - Details: Sync_interval_settings
  • Fixed lightsync vehicles ghost streaming in when locally they are miles away
  • Fixed server sometimes not appearing in the browser
  • Added server setting to reduce CPU usage
  • Sped up event handling system for server and client
  • Tweaked server networking
  • Improved Lua errors for server element functions
  • Reduced CPU usage more
  • Made timers less crashy
  • Added vehicle extrapolation - Details: mtaserver.conf -> vehext_
  • Fixed server crash when towing a clientside vehicle
  • Added option to suppress certain MySQL error messages
  • Sped up triggerClientEvent
  • Made setVehicleIdleRespawnDelay work for non-streamed in vehicles
  • Added logging for callRemote
  • Large amount of other crashfixes, improvements and tweaks


  • Updated parachute to fix high CPU usage on clients
  • Added Visualiser resource
  • Added GUI Siren Editor
  • Fixed a reload exploit where you could jump and then reload for an instant reload
  • Made reload with jetpack work again
  • Fixed freeroam bookmarks
  • Fixed some errors and warnings


  • Fixed Map editor not saving locations of objects on Linux machines
  • Added cancel option when starting map editor from menu
  • Added ability to change object and vehicle alpha
  • Changed vehicle color selection to use the new RGB color system
  • Fixed server settings tab in options not showing up when using Map Editor from main menu
  • Added ability to place peds
  • Added object scale option
  • Added object collisions option
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