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This function toggles the panning of a sound (hearing it closer to the left or right side of the speakers due to the camera position). By default a sound has its panning enabled.


bool setSoundPanningEnabled ( element sound, bool enable )

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Note: The method name was incorrect (setPannningEnabled) before version 1.5.8 r20761.
Method: sound:setPanningEnabled(...)
Variable: .panningEnabled
Counterpart: isSoundPanningEnabled

Required arguments

  • sound: a sound element to change the panning of.
  • enable: true to enable the panning, false otherwise.


Returns true if the sound is valid and good arguments were passed, false if not.

If the sound is not 3D, this function will return true as well, but isSoundPanningEnabled will always return true after this (so it has no effect).


This example creates a sound at the center of the map when the resource which cointains it starts and adds a command called /soundpanning, which changes the panning of the sound.

local panned = true
local sound = playSFX3D("script", 7, 1, 0, 0, 20, true)

function changePanning()
    if sound then
        setSoundPanningEnabled(sound, not panned)
        panned = not panned
        outputChatBox("Sound panning changed to " .. tostring(panned))
        outputDebugString("Looks that your GTA was ripped.")
addCommandHandler("soundpanning", changePanning)

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