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Used to get the meta tags attached to a sound. These provide information about the sound, for instance the title or the artist.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note:
  • This function does not work on remote WAV files


table getSoundMetaTags ( element sound [, string format = "" ] )

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Method: sound:getMetaTags(...)

Required Arguments

Optional Arguments

NOTE: When using optional arguments, you might need to supply all arguments before the one you wish to use. For more information on optional arguments, see optional arguments.

  • format: a filter string to get a specific meta tag.


Returns a table, but only a string if format is given, with all data available (keys are listed below) for the sound if successful, false otherwise. If any data is unavailable then the associated key is not written to the table.

  • title
  • artist
  • album
  • genre
  • year
  • comment
  • track
  • composer
  • copyright
  • subtitle
  • album_artist
  • stream_name
  • stream_title


	local meta = getSoundMetaTags(source)
	outputChatBox("The sound: "..(meta.title).." has finished in :"..length.."ms.")
        outputChatBox("The sound meta tags: Artist:"..(meta.artist).." Album:"..(meta.album).." Genre:"..(meta.genre).." Year:"..(meta.year).." Comment:"..(meta.comment).." Track:"..(meta.track).." Composer:"..(meta.composer).." Copyright:"..(meta.copyright).." SubTitle:"..(meta.subtitle).." Album Artist:"..(meta.album_artist)..".")

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