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This function is used to change the pan level of the specified sound element.


bool setSoundPan ( element theSound, float pan )

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Method: sound:setPan(...)
Variable: .pan
Counterpart: getSoundPan

Required Arguments

  • theSound: The sound element which pan you want to modify.
  • pan: A floating point number representing the desired pan level. Range is from -1.0 (left) to 1.0 (right)


Returns true if the sound element pan was successfully changed, false otherwise.


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function playMusic ()
        local left = playSFX("genrl", 75, 6, true)    -- Play loading theme music
        local right = playSFX("genrl", 75, 7, true)
        setSoundPan(left, -1)                         -- switch the first music to left channel
        setSoundPan(right, 1)                         -- switch the second music to right channel

addCommandHandler("music", playMusic)                 -- add the command handler

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