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This function is used to return the volume level of the specified sound element. If the element is a player, this function will use the players voice.


float getSoundVolume ( element theSound )

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: sound:getVolume(...)
Variable: .volume
Counterpart: setSoundVolume

Required Arguments

  • theSound: the sound element which volume you want to return.


Returns a float representing the volume level of the sound element, false if invalid arguments were passed.


This example creates a sound then outputs the volume for it.

function wasted (killer, weapon, bodypart) 
	local sound = playSound("sounds/wasted.mp3") --Play wasted.mp3 from the sounds folder
	outputChatBox("Wasted Sound volume: "..getSoundVolume(sound)) --outputs to the client the volume of the sound
addEventHandler("onClientPlayerWasted", localPlayer, wasted) --add the event handler


Version Description
1.3.2 Added player element to use a players voice

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