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This function is used to return the root node of a configuration file. Config files must be predefined in a resource's meta file. An alternative way to load XML files is to use xmlLoadFile.


xmlnode getResourceConfig ( string filePath )

Required Arguments

  • filePath: The filepath of the file in the following format: ":resourceName/path". 'resourceName' is the name of the resource the file is in, and 'path' is the path from the root directory of the resource to the file.
For example, if there is a file named 'settings.xml' in the resource 'ctf', it can be accessed from another resource this way: getResourceConfig(":ctf/settings.xml").
If the file is in the current resource, only the file path is necessary, e.g. getResourceConfig("settings.xml").


Returns the root node of the specified configuration file. If the file is corrupted, not defined in the meta file or doesn't exist, returns false.


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This example opens a configuration file and prints the value of the 'attr' attribute of the first 'group' node.

function resourceStart ( )                         -- When the resource is started
    local node = getResourceConfig( "config.xml" )  -- get the configuration file
    local subNode = xmlFindChild( node, "group", 0 )      -- get a subnode in it
    outputChatBox( xmlNodeGetAttribute( subNode, "attr" ),root )    -- output its attributes value to chatbox
addEventHandler ( "onResourceStart", resourceRoot, resourceStart )

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