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This event is fired when the user double clicks a GUI element. Doesn't work with buttons.


string button, string state, int absoluteX, int absoluteY
  • button: the name of the mouse button that the GUI element was double clicked with.
  • state: the state of the mouse button. Can be down or up. Please note currently only the up state is supported.
  • absoluteX: the X position of the mouse cursor, in pixels, measured from the left side of the screen.
  • absoluteY: the Y position of the mouse cursor, in pixels, measured from the top of the screen.


The source of this event is the GUI element that was double clicked.


This example displays in chatbox name of double-clicked player in a gridlist.

addEventHandler( "onClientResourceStart", getResourceRootElement( ),
    function ( )
        gridList = guiCreateGridList( 10, 200, 100, 50, false ) -- create a gridlist
        local col = guiGridListAddColumn( gridList, "Players", .9 ) -- add "Players" column

        local players = getElementsByType( "player" )
        for i, plr in pairs( players ) do -- loop through the table of players
            local row = guiGridListAddRow( gridList ); -- add row for player
            guiGridListSetItemText( gridList, row, col, getPlayerName( plr ), false, false ) -- change the text of the added row

        addEventHandler( "onClientGUIDoubleClick", gridList, doubleClickedName, false )

function doubleClickedName( )
    local selectedRow, selectedCol = guiGridListGetSelectedItem( gridList ); -- get double clicked item in the gridlist
    local playerName = guiGridListGetItemText( gridList, selectedRow, selectedCol ) -- get its text
    outputChatBox( "You double-clicked: " .. playerName ) -- display the text taken from gridlist

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