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This function sets the color of a single pixel for pixels contained in a string. It only works with 'plain' format pixels.


bool dxSetPixelColor ( string pixels, int x, int y, int r, int g, int b [, int a = 255 ] )

Required Arguments

  • pixels : The pixels to use
  • x: The X coordinate for the pixel
  • y: The Y coordinate for the pixel
  • r: The red channel for the color (0-255)
  • g: The green channel for the color (0-255)
  • b: The blue channel for the color (0-255)

Optional Arguments

  • a: The alpha channel for the color (0-255)


Returns true if successful, or false if invalid arguments were passed to the function.


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This example creates a 64x64 texture with random pixel colors, and draw it on the screen.

addEventHandler ("onClientResourceStart", resourceRoot, 
    function () 
         texture = dxCreateTexture (64, 64)
         local pixels = dxGetTexturePixels (texture)
         for i=0,63 do
             for j=0,63 do
                 dxSetPixelColor (pixels, j, i, math.random (255), math.random (255), math.random (255), 255)
         dxSetTexturePixels (texture, pixels)

addEventHandler ("onClientRender", root,
    function ()
         dxDrawImage (300, 300, 64, 64, texture)

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