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This function is used for testing scripts written using guiCreateFont, dxCreateFont, dxCreateShader and dxCreateRenderTarget.

Each one of the 3 test modes should be used in turn to help highlight any potential problems.


bool dxSetTestMode ( string testMode )

Required Arguments

  • testMode : The test mode to be set. It can be one of the following values:
    • none : Test mode disabled
    • no_mem: Simulate no free video memory available for MTA.
    • low_mem: Simulate little free video memory available for MTA.
    • no_shader: Simulate shaders failing validation.


Returns true if the test mode was successfully set, false otherwise.


With this example you can use /setmode command to set the test mode.

local testValues = {
	["none"] = true,
	["no_mem"] = true,
	["low_mem"] = true,
	["no_shader"] = true

function testmode( cmd, value )
	if testValues[value] then
		dxSetTestMode( value )
		outputChatBox( "Test mode set to " .. value .. ".", 220, 175, 20, false )
		outputChatBox( "Invalid test mode entered.", 245, 20, 20, false )
addCommandHandler( "setmode", testmode )

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