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This page lists all the server-side scripting functions that have been implemented and are available as native functions. To request a function or event, use Requested Functions and Events or

Please note that the scripting functions can also be extended by loading in dynamic modules that provide new functionality, such as utility functions. These scripting functions are non-native and require the module to be loaded in order to work.

Head over to Modules for a list of non-native serverside functions and modules that are available.

For more functions, check the useful functions page.

Client-side scripting functions can be found here: Client Scripting Functions.

وظائف الحساب

وظائف اسل

وظائف الحظر

وظائف الصوت


وظائف علامات الخريطة

وظائف الكاميرا

Template:AR/camera fuctions

وظائف كوال شيب

الملابس و وظائف الجسم

وظائف المؤشر الماوس

وظائف العناصر

وظائف الحدث

Template:AR/Event functions

وظائف انفجار

Template:AR/Explosion functions

وظائف ملف

Template:AR/File functions

HTTP functions

Template:AR/HTTP functions

وظائف الأدخال

Template:AR/Input functions

وظائف خريطة

Template:AR/Map functions

Module functions

Template:AR/Module functions

Object functions

Template:AR/Object functions

Ped functions

Template:AR/Ped functions

وظائف الدعم

Template:AR/Pickup functions

وظائف الاعب

Template:FunctionsAR/Player functions

وظائف مناطق الرادار

Template:AR/Radar area functions

وظائف الموارد

هذي الوظيفه تقوم بنسخ المود

وظائف السريال / الرقم التسلسلي

Template:AR/Serial functions

"وظائف الخادم "السيرفر

Template:AR/Server functions

Settings registry functions

Template:AR/Settings registry functions

وظائف SQL

Template:AR/SQL functions

وظائف فريق

Template:AR/Team functions

وظائف النص

Template:AR/Text functions

الوظائف ذات المنفعة

Template:AR/Utility functions

وظائف السيارة

Template:AR/Vehicle functions

وظائف العالم

Template:AR/Water functions

وظائف سلاح

Template:AR/Weapon functions

وظائف العالم

Template:AR/World functions

وظائف XML

Template:AR/XML functions