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هذه الوظيفة تقوم باحضار الوان تاج الاعب.


int, int, int getPlayerNametagColor ( player thePlayer )

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: الاعب الذي تريد احضار الوان تاجه.


Returns red, green and blue values if an existent player was specified, false otherwise.


This console command will tell the player what his tag color is. The color is composed of a red, a green and a blue component, each ranging from 0-255.

function tagInfoCommand ( thePlayer, commandName )
	-- store the RGB data about the player who activated the command handler into the local variables r, g, b. 
	local r, g, b = getPlayerNametagColor ( thePlayer )
	-- Display the RGB values in the chatbox
	outputChatBox ( "Your tag color is: R:" .. r .. " G:" .. g .. " B:" .. b, thePlayer )
addCommandHandler ( "retrievetagcolor", tagInfoCommand )

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