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This function will allow you to determine if a player's name tag is currently showing.


bool isPlayerNametagShowing ( player thePlayer )

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Method: player:isNametagShowing(...)
Variable: .nametagShowing
Counterpart: setPlayerNametagShowing

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: The player whose current name tag condition you want to check


Returns true if the player's name tag is being shown, false otherwise.


This example toggles a player's nametag. If no playername is given, it toggles the nametag of the player who entered the command.

function toggleNametag ( sourcePlayer, command, who )
	local tplayer = sourcePlayer                   -- by default, toggle the name tag of the player who issued the command
	if ( who ) then                                -- if there was a nick entered in the command
		tplayer = getPlayerFromName ( who )    -- search for the player
		whoNick = getPlayerName(sourcePlayer)
	if ( tplayer ~= false ) then                                -- if the player was found (or no playername was entered)
		if isPlayerNametagShowing ( tplayer ) then          -- if the nametag is shown
			setPlayerNametagShowing ( tplayer, false )  -- hide it
			outputChatBox ( who .. "'s nametag is now hidden", sourcePlayer )  -- output a message to the player who entered the command
		else                                                -- if the nametag is not shown
			setPlayerNametagShowing ( tplayer, true )   -- show it
			outputChatBox ( who .. "'s nametag is now showing", sourcePlayer ) -- output a message to the player who entered the command
		outputChatBox ( "Player not found.", sourcePlayer )
addCommandHandler ( "toggleNametag", toggleNametag )

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