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This function returns the serial for a specified player.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: The client side version of getPlayerSerial has been deprecated as it can return the wrong value for some players, and is potentially insecure. The following article assumes that the function is serverside only.


string getPlayerSerial ( player thePlayer )

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Method: player:getSerial(...)
Variable: .serial

Required Arguments

  • thePlayer: A player object referencing the specified player.


Returns the serial as a string if it was found, false otherwise.

Serverside examples

This example creates a command with which player can check their own serial.

function checkMySerial( thePlayer, command )
    local theSerial = getPlayerSerial( thePlayer )
    if theSerial then
        outputChatBox( "Your serial is: " .. theSerial, thePlayer )
        outputChatBox( "Sorry, you have no serial. =(", thePlayer )
addCommandHandler( "myserial", checkMySerial )

This example adds a command to ban a player's serial.

local function banSerialCommand ( source, command, playerName, reason )
   if playerName then
      local player, serial = getPlayerFromName ( playerName ), getPlayerSerial ( playerName )
      if player then
         addBan ( serial, source, reason )
addCommandHandler ( "banplayerserial", banSerialCommand )

This example only allows clients with a certain serial to log in into an account.

local allowedAccountSerials = 
    -- List of allowed serials to log in into an account. Format:
    -- [ Account name ] = { Allowed serial array }
    [ "3ash8" ] = { "9C9F3B55D9D7BB7135FF274D3BF444E4" },
    [ "test5" ] = { "1D6F76CF8D7193792D13789849498452" },
addEventHandler("onPlayerLogin", root,
    function(_, account)
        -- Get the player serial and the allowed serial list for that account
        -- (If no serial is allowed for the account, do not allow the player to log in as a safety measure)
        local playerSerial, allowedSerials = getPlayerSerial(source), allowedAccountSerials[getAccountName(account)] or {}
        -- Check whether the client has an allowed serial or not
        for i = 1, #allowedSerials do
            if allowedSerials[i] == playerSerial then
                -- The serial is allowed. Proceed with the normal log in proccess
        -- If we reach this point the serial is not allowed. Do not let the player log in
        cancelEvent(true, "Client serial not allowed to log in into the account")

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