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This page lists all the server-side scripting functions that have been implemented and are available as native functions. To request a function or event, use Requested Functions and Events or

Please note that the scripting functions can also be extended by loading in dynamic modules that provide new functionality, such as utility functions. These scripting functions are non-native and require the module to be loaded in order to work.

Head over to Modules for a list of non-native serverside functions and modules that are available.

For more functions, check the useful functions page.

Client-side scripting functions can be found here: Client Scripting Functions.

Account functions

ACL functions

Admin functions

Audio functions

Announcement functions

Blip functions

Camera functions

Clothes and body functions

Collision shape functions

Cursor functions

Element functions

Event functions

Explosion functions

File functions

HTTP functions

These functions can only be used from within lua blocks in HTML pages hosted by the server

Input functions

Map functions

Marker functions

Matrix functions

Module functions

Object functions

Ped functions

Pickup functions

Player functions

Projectile functions

Radar area functions

Resource functions

Server functions

Settings registry functions

SQL functions

Team functions

Text functions

Utility functions

UTF8 Library

Vehicle functions

Water functions

Weapon functions

World functions

XML functions