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This function will set a train or tram as derailable. This is, if it can derail when it goes above the maximum speed.


bool setTrainDerailable ( vehicle derailableVehicle, bool derailable )              

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Method: vehicle:setDerailable(...)
Variable: .derailable
Counterpart: isTrainDerailable

Required Arguments

  • derailableVehicle: The vehicle that you wish to set derailable.
  • derailable: whether the train or tram is derailable. True as derailable, False as non-derailable.


Returns true if the state was successfully set, false otherwise.


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This example will allow players to toggle derailability of the train they are driving

function derailToggle()
	local vehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle(localPlayer)

	if not vehicle then return end

	if getVehicleType(vehicle) == "Train" and getVehicleController(vehicle) == localPlayer then
		setTrainDerailable(vehicle, not isTrainDerailable(vehicle))
		outputChatBox("Derailing for this train has been toggled!")
addCommandHandler("togglederail", derailToggle)
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This example will make a train east of LS station which can not be derailed, and start moving it.

function makeTrain(source)
	local myTrain = createVehicle(537,1995,-1949,13)  -- This will make a freight train just east of the LS train station
	setTrainDerailable(myTrain, false) -- myTrain can not be derailed now
	outputChatBox("A freight train has been created for you.", source, 255, 255, 0) -- Just a simple message for the player
        warpPedIntoVehicle(source, myTrain) -- This will warp you to inside the train
        setTrainSpeed(myTrain, 1) -- Set the train speed to 1 - 100mph, 160kmh
addCommandHandler("trainmeup", makeTrain)

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