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This function returns the current state of the specifed door on the vehicle.


int getVehicleDoorState ( vehicle theVehicle, int door )

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Method: vehicle:getDoorState(...)
Counterpart: setVehicleDoorState

Required Arguments

  • theVehicle: the vehicle you want to get the door status of.
  • door: a whole number representing which door to get the status of. Valid values are:
    • 0: Hood
    • 1: Trunk
    • 2: Front left
    • 3: Front right
    • 4: Rear left
    • 5: Rear right


If successful, one of the following integers will be returned:

  • 0: Shut, intact (also returned if the door does not exist)
  • 1: Ajar, intact
  • 2: Shut, damaged
  • 3: Ajar, damaged
  • 4: Missing


This example implements a doesVehicleHaveDoorOpen() function, that returns true if any of the doors on a vehicle are open.

function doesVehicleHaveDoorOpen(vehicle)
	local isDoorAjar = false
	for i=0,5 do
		local doorState = getVehicleDoorState(vehicle, i)
		if doorState == 1 or doorState == 3 or doorState == 4 then
			isDoorAjar = true
	return isDoorAjar

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