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Gets the name of a vehicle by its model ID.


string getVehicleNameFromModel ( int model )            

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Note: This function is a static function underneath the Vehicle class.
Method: Vehicle.getNameFromModel(...)

Required Arguments

  • model: This is the vehicle model ID. See vehicle IDs to see what values will return names.


Returns the name of the vehicle if the model ID was valid, false otherwise.


This will retrieve the name of a car so its name can be displayed when the player chooses to spawn a car by model ID.

function createVehicleCommand ( thePlayer, commandName, carModel )
    -- This function is triggered by the text "spawnvehicle" in the console.
    -- The player must specify the parameter 'carModel' to specify
    -- what car they wish to spawn.
    local x, y, z = getElementPosition ( thePlayer )
    -- Get the position of the player to spawn the car near this location
    local carName = getVehicleNameFromModel ( tonumber ( carModel ) )
    -- Get the name of the car the player asked for and store it in the
    -- variable 'carName'
    if not carname then
        outputChatBox ( "That is not a valid car model ID", thePlayer )
        createVehicle ( tonumber ( carModel ), x + 5, y, z )
        -- Spawn the car at x + 5 from the player so it doesn't crush him
        outputChatBox ( "A " .. carName .. " was created!" )
    -- If the entered car model ID is invalid, false will be returned.
    -- Otherwise a string is returned, we create the car and announce the car name in the chatbox.
addCommandHandler ( "spawnvehicle", createVehicleCommand )

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