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This function sets the position of a vehicle's turret, if it has one. This can be used to influence the turret's rotation, so it doesn't follow the camera. Vehicles with turrets include firetrucks and tanks.


bool setVehicleTurretPosition ( vehicle turretVehicle, float positionX, float positionY )

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Method: vehicle:setTurretPosition(...)
Variable: .turretPosition
Counterpart: getVehicleTurretPosition

Required Arguments

  • turretVehicle: The vehicle whose turret position you want to retrieve. This should be a vehicle with a turret.
  • positionX: The horizontal position of the turret. In radians
  • positionY: The vertical position of the turret. In radians


Returns a true if a valid vehicle element and valid positions were passed, false otherwise.


This example will force vehicle turrets to aim straight forwards.

-- Find all the vehicles, and store them in a vehicles variable
local vehicles = getElementsByType ( "vehicle" )
-- Loop through the vehicle list
for vehicleKey, vehicleValue in ipairs(vehicles) do
	-- Set the turret to aim straight forwards
	setVehicleTurretPosition ( vehicleValue, 0, 0 )

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