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This function will set the headlight color of a vehicle. valid Red Green and Blue arguments range from 0-255


bool setVehicleHeadLightColor ( vehicle theVehicle, int red, int green, int blue)            

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Method: vehicle:setHeadLightColor(...)
Counterpart: getVehicleHeadLightColor

Required Arguments

  • theVehicle: The vehicle that you wish to set the headlight color of.
  • red: An integer indicating the amount of red for the vehicle's headlights
  • green: An integer indicating the amount of green for the vehicle's headlights
  • blue: An integer indicating the amount of blue for the vehicle's headlights


Returns true if vehicle's headlight color was set, false if an invalid vehicle or invalid color ranges were specified for red,green or blue.


This example changes car lights color with command /carlights red_color, green_color, blue_color

It shows error if player isn't in vehicle or color failed to change. It shows a message if color changed successful.

function changeCarLightsColor ( thePlayer, command, red, green, blue )
	local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer )
	if ( not theVehicle ) then
		return outputChatBox( "You don't have vehicle!" )
	red = tonumber ( red )
	green = tonumber ( green )
	blue = tonumber ( blue )
	-- check if the colour values for red, green and blue are valid
	if red and green and blue then
		local color = setVehicleHeadLightColor ( theVehicle, red, green, blue )
		if(not color) then
			outputChatBox( "Failed to change vehicle lights color" )
			outputChatBox ( "Vehicle lights color changed sucessfully" )
		outputChatBox( "Failed to change vehicle lights color" )
addCommandHandler ( "carlights", changeCarLightsColor )

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