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This function adds an upgrade to a vehicle, e.g. nitrous, hydraulics.


bool addVehicleUpgrade ( vehicle theVehicle, string/int upgrade )

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Method: vehicle:addUpgrade(...)

Required Arguments

  • theVehicle: The element representing the vehicle you wish to add the upgrade to.
  • upgrade: The id of the upgrade you wish to add: 1000 to 1193 (see Vehicle Upgrades) or "all" to add all upgrades.

Note: setCameraTarget will behave strangely if you use hydraulics (upgrade id: 1087) server sided and when your camera target is the player inside the vehicle with hydraulics and if the player is not you.


Returns true if the upgrade was successfully added to the vehicle, otherwise false.


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Example 1

This serverside function allows the user to get an upgrade by typing a command:

-- define the handler function for our command
function consoleAddUpgrade ( thePlayer, commandName, id )
        -- make sure the player is in a vehicle
        if ( isPedInVehicle ( thePlayer ) ) then
            -- convert the given ID from a string to a number
            local id = tonumber ( id )
            -- get the player's vehicle
            local theVehicle = getPedOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer )
            -- add the requested upgrade to the vehicle
            local success = addVehicleUpgrade ( theVehicle, id )
            -- inform the player of whether the upgrade was added successfully
            if ( success ) then
                outputConsole ( getVehicleUpgradeSlotName ( id ) .. " upgrade added.", thePlayer )
                outputConsole ( "Failed to add upgrade.", thePlayer )
            outputConsole ( "You must be in a vehicle!", thePlayer )
-- add the function as a handler for the "addupgrade" command
addCommandHandler ( "addupgrade", consoleAddUpgrade )
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Example 2

This client-side script gives vehicles a nitro upgrade whenever they pass through a certain collision shape:

-- create a collision shape
local nitroColShape = createColSphere ( 1337, 100, 12, 2 )

-- attach the collision shape to an 'onClientColShapeHit' event
function onNitroColShapeHit ( hitElement, matchingDimension )
    if ( getElementType ( hitElement ) == "vehicle" ) then
        -- add a nitro upgrade if the element that hit the colshape is a vehicle
        addVehicleUpgrade ( hitElement, 1010 )
addEventHandler ( "onClientColShapeHit", nitroColShape, onNitroColShapeHit )

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