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This function can be used to set the vehicle's doors to be locked or unlocked. Locking a vehicle restricts access to the vehicle.

[[|link=|]] Warning: This function only prevents the player from opening the vehicle doors. It means that a player can still access a locked vehicle if there's an opened door. Also, vehicles that doesn't have doors can still be accessed aswell.


bool setVehicleLocked ( vehicle theVehicle, bool locked )            

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Method: vehicle:setLocked(...)
Variable: .locked
Counterpart: isVehicleLocked

Required Arguments

  • theVehicle: The vehicle which you wish to change the lock status of
  • locked: Boolean for the status you wish to set. Set true to lock, false to unlock


Returns true if the operation was successful, false otherwise.


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This example allows a player to lock his vehicle when he is inside it.

function lockcar ( thePlayer )
    playervehicle = getPlayerOccupiedVehicle ( thePlayer )   -- define 'playervehicle' as the vehicle the player is in
    if ( playervehicle ) then                                -- if a player is in a vehicle
        if isVehicleLocked ( playervehicle ) then            -- and if the vehicle is already locked
            setVehicleLocked ( playervehicle, false )        -- unlock it
        else                                                 -- otherwise (if it isn't locked) 
            setVehicleLocked ( playervehicle, true )         -- lock it

function bindLockOnSpawn ( theSpawnpoint )                     -- when a player spawns
    bindKey ( source, "l", "down", lockcar )                   -- bind the 'l' key to the 'lockcar' function
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerSpawn", root, bindLockOnSpawn )     -- add an event handler for onPlayerSpawn

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