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This function retrieves the type of a vehicle (such as if it is a car or a boat).


string getVehicleType ( vehicle theVehicle )

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Method: vehicle:getVehicleType(...)
Variable: .vehicleType


string getVehicleType ( int modelId )

Required Arguments

  • vehicle: The vehicle element to get the type of.


  • modelID: A vehicle model ID


Returns a string with vehicle type or false if an invalid modelID has been supplied, or an empty string if the vehicle is blocked internally (some trailers).

Possible strings returned:

  • Automobile: Cars, vans and trucks
  • Plane
  • Bike: Motorbikes
  • Helicopter
  • Boat
  • Train
  • Trailer: A trailer for a truck
  • BMX
  • Monster Truck
  • Quad: Quadbikes


Example 1: In this example when a player enters an airplane, it displays a message welcoming the player onboard.

function enterPlane(theVehicle, seat, jacked)
    if (getVehicleType(theVehicle) == "Plane") then
        outputChatBox("Welcome onboard!", source)

addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), enterPlane)

Example 2: In this example player gets message what type of vehicle he just entered.

function enteredVehicleType(theVehicle, seat, jacked)
	outputChatBox("You entered ".. getVehicleType(theVehicle) ..".", source)

addEventHandler("onPlayerVehicleEnter", getRootElement(), enteredVehicleType)

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