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This function is used to determine the parent of an element.


element getElementParent ( element theElement )  

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Method: element:getParent(...)
Variable: .parent
Counterpart: setElementParent

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The child of the parent element you want returned.


This returns the parent as an element. It returns false if theElement is invalid, or is the root node.


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Consider the following map file:

<spawngroup id="red">
   <spawnpoint id="spawnpoint_0" posX="2507.8715820313" posY="2772.6071777344" posZ="10.8203125" rot="270" skin="285"/>
   <spawnpoint id="spawnpoint_1" posX="2508.060546875" posY="2780.3647460938" posZ="10.8203125" rot="270" skin="285"/>
<spawngroup id="blue">
   <spawnpoint id="spawnpoint_5" posX="2733.4184570313" posY="2753.1276855469" posZ="10.8203125" rot="90" skin="124"/>
   <spawnpoint id="spawnpoint_6" posX="2733.5258789063" posY="2748.1110839844" posZ="10.8203125" rot="90" skin="125"/>

This function determines a spawnpoint's parent element, and announces its ID:

function spawnpointUse ( thePlayer )             -- this function gets called whenever a spawnpoint is used
   theSpawnGroup = getElementParent ( source )   -- get the spawnpoint's parent element
   -- announce the parent's ID and the player who spawned there:
   outputChatBox ( getPlayerName ( thePlayer ) .. " spawned at team " .. getElementID ( theSpawnGroup ) .. "'s spawnpoint." )
   -- Example output: "Joe spawned at team blue's spawnpoint."
addEventHandler ( "onSpawnpointUse", root, spawnpointUse )

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