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This functions checks whether or not an element is attached to another element.


bool isElementAttached ( element theElement )

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Method: element:isAttached(...)
Variable: .attached

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element to check for attachment.


Returns true if the specified element is attached to another element, false if it is not attached or nil if an improper argument was passed.


This examples checks if a player is attached to anything when they enter a console command:

-- add a command handler for 'amiattached' to call the function 'consoleIsPlayerAttached':
function consoleIsPlayerAttached ( thePlayer, command )
   if ( thePlayer ) then -- if a player triggered this command
      local status = isElementAttached ( thePlayer ) -- call the function and store it's result in the 'status' variable
      if ( status ) then -- if the function returned true, tell the player he is attached to something
         outputConsole ( "You are attached to an element!", thePlayer )
      else -- if the function returned false, tell the player he is not attached to anything
         outputConsole ( "You are not attached to an element.", thePlayer )
addCommandHandler ( "amiattached", consoleIsPlayerAttached )

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