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Returns the model ID of a given element. This can be a player/ped skin, a pickup model, an object model or a vehicle model.


int getElementModel ( element theElement )

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Method: element:getModel(...)
Variable: .model
Counterpart: setElementModel

Required Arguments

  • theElement: the element to retrieve the model ID of.


Returns the model ID if successful, false otherwise.

  • For players/peds: A GTASA player model (skin) ID. See Character Skins.
  • For vehicles: The vehicle ID of the vehicle.
  • For objects: An int specifying the model id.


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Example 1 (Server)

This example destroys a haystack when a player targets it. It only works with elements created by MTA.

addEventHandler ("onPlayerTarget", root, 
        if (isElement(targetElem)) and (getElementType(targetElem)=="object") and (getElementModel(targetElem)==3374) then
            destroyElement (targetElem)
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Example 2 (Server)

This example prints out a message when a Shamal or AT-400 is entered by a player.

function planeEnter ( theVehicle, seat, jacked ) -- when someone enters a vehicle
    local id = getElementModel ( theVehicle ) -- get the model ID of the vehicle
    if id == 519 or id == 577 then -- if theVehicle is either Shamal or AT-400
        local vehicleName = getVehicleName ( theVehicle ) -- get the name of theVehicle
        outputChatBox ( "Someone stole a " .. vehicleName .. "!" ) -- announce that someone stole the plane
-- add the event handler to the event
addEventHandler ( "onPlayerVehicleEnter", root, planeEnter )

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