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This function returns three floats containing the velocity (movement speeds) along the X, Y, and Z axis respectively. This means that velocity values can be positive and negative for each axis.


float float float getElementVelocity ( element theElement )

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Method: element:getVelocity(...)
Variable: .velocity
Counterpart: setElementVelocity

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element you wish to retrieve the velocity of.


If succesful, returns three floats that represent the element's current velocity along the x, y, and z axis respectively. This function can fail if the element is a player in a car. Use the vehicle element in this case. It will also fail if the element specified does not have a velocity, or does not exist. In case of failure, the first return value will be false.

The returned values are expressed in GTA units per 1/50th of a second[1]. A GTA Unit is equal to one metre[2].


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This example retrieves, calculates, and displays the speed of a random player.

-- get a random player and get its velocity
speedx, speedy, speedz = getElementVelocity ( getRandomPlayer() )

-- use pythagorean theorem to get actual velocity
-- raising something to the exponent of 0.5 is the same thing as taking a square root.
actualspeed = (speedx^2 + speedy^2 + speedz^2)^(0.5) -- can be: math.sqrt(speedx^2 + speedy^2 + speedz^2)

-- multiply by 50 to obtain the speed in metres per second
mps = actualspeed * 50

-- other useful conversions
-- kilometres per hour
kmh = actualspeed * 180
-- miles per hour
mph = actualspeed * 111.847

-- report the results.
outputChatBox ( "Someguy's current velocity: " .. mps .. " metres per second." )

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