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This function sets the velocity (movement speeds) along each axis, for an element.

This is not compatible with all elements. Only the following elements are compatible:


bool setElementVelocity ( element theElement, float speedX, float speedY, float speedZ )

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Method: element:setVelocity(...)
Variable: .velocity
Counterpart: getElementVelocity

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element you wish to set the velocity of.
  • speedX: A floating point value determining the speed along the X axis.
  • speedY: A floating point value determining the speed along the Y axis.
  • speedZ: A floating point value determining the speed along the Z axis.


Returns true if the speed was set successfully, false if a bad element was specified or other bad arguments.


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This example adds a function which copies the speed of a random player to another random player. If there are less than 2 players it returns false.

function equalTwoRandomPlayersVelocity()
    if getPlayerCount() < 2 then -- If there's only one player (or no players) this doesn't make sense
        return false
    local randomPlayer1, randomPlayer2 = getRandomPlayer(), getRandomPlayer() -- Get two random players
    while randomPlayer1 == randomPlayer2 do -- Make sure the two players are different
        randomPlayer2 = getRandomPlayer()
    local speedx, speedy, speedz = getElementVelocity (randomPlayer1) -- Get the velocity of the first random player
    setElementVelocity(randomPlayer2, speedx, speedy, speedz) -- Copy that velocity to the second random player
    outputChatBox("Now " .. getPlayerName(randomPlayer2) .. " runs as fast as " .. getPlayerName(randomPlayer1) .. "!", root, 255, 128, 0)
    return true

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