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This function sets the ID of an element to a string. This can be anything from an identifying number, to a name. You can only change the ID of an element clientside if that element has been created clientside as well.


bool setElementID ( element theElement, string name ) 

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: element:setID(...)
Variable: .id
Counterpart: getElementID

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element you want to set the ID of.
  • name: The new ID for theElement.


This returns true if successful. It will return false if theElement is invalid, or does not exist, or if name is invalid, or is not a string.


local players = getElementsByType( "player" )
for i=1,#players do
   setElementID( players[i], "player" .. i )	-- Change element IDs to 'player1', 'players2', 'players3'...
   outputDebugString( "Player[" .. i .. "] = " .. getElementID( players[i] ) ) -- Output all the new element IDs

-- Could also be --

for i=1,#players do
   setElementID( players[i], getPlayerName( players[i] ) )	-- Change the element ID to the players name.
   outputDebugString( "Player[" .. i .. "] = " .. getElementID( players[i] ) )

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