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Retrieve the rotation of elements.


float, float, float getElementRotation ( element theElement [, string rotOrder = "default" ] )       

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Method: element:getRotation(...)
Variable: .rotation
Counterpart: setElementRotation

Required Arguments

  • theElement: The element whose rotation will be retrieved

Optional Arguments

  • rotOrder: A string representing the rotation order desired when returning the euler angles. If omitted, default value is "default". Allowed values are:
    • "default": default MTA behavior prior to 1.1, where rotation order depends on element type
    • "ZXY": rotation about the Z axis (up), then about the resulting X axis (right) and finally about the resulting Y axis (front). This is the default rotation order for objects
    • "ZYX": rotation about the Z axis (up), then about the resulting Y axis (front), and finally about the resulting X axis (right). This is the default rotation order for vehicles

The default rotation order for peds/players is Z-Y-X (clientside) and -Z-Y-X (serverside) but those rotation orders (set using "default" on peds) can not be used manually on other element types since they only exist due to historical and backward compatibility reasons. Specifying a rotation order other than "default" allows the same angles to later be uniformly used on several elements without having to consider their type.


  • rx, ry, rz: 3 floats representing the Euler rotation angles on the axis X, Y and Z (with the rotation order depending on the rotOrder argument) if element exists and is a valid element, false if it's invalid.


If a player points at a player element with a gun, its rotation will appear in the chat box.

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function onPlayerTargeted ( targetElem )
    if ( isElement(targetElem) and getElementType (targetElem) == "player" ) then
        local x,y,z = getElementRotation ( targetElem )
        outputChatBox ( "Target player rotation: " .. x .. " " .. y .. " " .. z )
addEventHandler ( "onClientPlayerTarget", root, onPlayerTargeted )

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