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This function is used to retrieve a list of all elements in a colshape, of the specified type.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note:
  • For legacy reasons, a colshape created on the client does not collide with elements already existing at that location until they first move.
  • This function doesn't verify whether elements are in the same dimension and interior, additional checks could be implemented manually if they are needed.


table getElementsWithinColShape ( colshape theShape [, string elemType = nil ] ) 

OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: colshape:getElementsWithin(...)
Variable: .elementsWithin

Required Arguments

  • theShape: The colshape you want to get the elements from.

Optional Arguments

  • elemType: The type of element you want a list of. This can be any element type, the common ones being:
    • "player": A player connected to the server
    • "ped": A ped
    • "vehicle": A vehicle
    • "object": An object
    • "pickup": A pickup
    • "marker": A marker


Returns a table containing all the elements inside the colshape, of the specified type. Returns an empty table if there are no elements inside. Returns false if the colshape is invalid.


This example retrieves a table of players inside a colshape and prints their name to the chat.

local newColShape = createColSphere (1, 2, 3, 4) -- create our new colshape
local players = getElementsWithinColShape (newColShape, "player") -- get all the players inside the sphere

for _, thePlayer in ipairs (players) do -- use a generic for loop to step through each player
    outputChatBox (getPlayerName (thePlayer).." is in our new sphere") -- print their name to the chat


Version Description
1.5.5-3.12286 Added elementsWithin OOP variable

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