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Ez visszadja a kínált material elemek méretét.


int, int [, int] dxGetMaterialSize ( element material )

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Method: material:getSize(...)

Kötelező paraméterek

  • material : The material element whose size is to be gotten

Visszatérési érték

Returns two ints representing the width and height in pixels of the material, or false if an invalid parameter was passed to the function. If the material is a volume texture, this function will return three ints representing the width, height and depth.


myTexture = dxCreateTexture( "man.png" )
local width, height = dxGetMaterialSize( myTexture )
outputChatBox( "man.png is " .. tostring(width) .. " pixels wide and " .. tostring(height) .. " pixels high" )


Version Description
1.3.0-9.04021 Added third return value for volume textures

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