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Used to enable or disable specific sound effects. Use a player element to control a players voice with this function.


bool setSoundEffectEnabled ( element theSound/thePlayer, string effectName, bool bEnable )

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Method: sound:setEffectEnabled(...)

Required Arguments

  • sound: a sound element or a player element which will affect the voice broadcast.
  • effectName: the effect you want to enable or disable
  • gargle
  • compressor
  • echo
  • i3dl2reverb
  • distortion
  • chorus
  • parameq
  • reverb
  • flanger
  • bEnable: true if you want to enable the effect, false if you want to disable it.


Returns true if the effect was set successfully, false otherwise.


This example creates a sound and set's the flanger sound effect enabled.

addCommandHandler("flanger", function(cmd, enabled)
	if isElement(waterSplashes) then
		setSoundEffectEnabled(waterSplashes, cmd, enabled)
		waterSplashes = playSound("splashes.mp3", true)
		setSoundEffectEnabled(waterSplashes, cmd, enabled)
end, true) --set it case sensitive as we are going to get the command name and use it in the setSoundEffectEnabled


Version Description
1.3.2 Added player element for voice control

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BETA: NEW FEATURE (BUILD: 1.5.8 r20914)
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