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This function creates a notification balloon on the desktop.

[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: MTA won't show any tray notifications if the MTA window is focused, because there is no reason to show tray notifications if you are in-game. If you want to test this function you should use a Timer and switch to your desktop.
[[{{{image}}}|link=|]] Note: You can only show a tray notification every 30 seconds.


bool createTrayNotification ( string notificationText [, string iconType = "default", bool useSound = true ] )
GIF preview of a tray notification
Tray Notification GIF

Required Arguments

  • notificationText: The text to send in the notification.

Optional Arguments

  • iconType: The notification icon type. Possible values are: "default" (the MTA icon), "info", "warning", "error"
  • useSound: A boolean value indicating whether or not to play a sound when receiving the notification.


Returns true if the notification is correctly created, false otherwise.


-- Note: You have to wait 30 seconds before showing another tray notification, there is no queuing

createTrayNotification("Hello World") -- Show a 'Hello World' notification

createTrayNotification("Hello World", "warning") -- Show a notification with a warning symbol

createTrayNotification("Hello World", "default", false) -- Show a default notification without sound

Example of notification on minimize MTA application

function setTrayOnMinimize()
     createTrayNotification("We are waiting for you again...", "warning")
addEventHandler("onClientMinimize", root, setTrayOnMinimize)


Version Description
1.5.6-9.16925 Added support for Windows 10

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