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This function gets the post gui state of a dgs element.


bool dgsGetPostGUI( element dgsElement )

DGS OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: DGSElement:getPostGUI(...)
Variable: .postGUI
Counterpart: dgsSetPostGUI

Required Arguments

  • dgsElement: The DGS element you want to get from


Returns true if the dgs element is postGUI, false otherwise.


DGS = exports.dgs
local guiWindow = guiCreateWindow(200,200,400,400,"gui window",false)
local dgsWindow = DGS:dgsCreateWindow(200,200,400,400,"dgs window",false)
DGS:dgsSetPostGUI(dgsWindow, not DGS:dgsGetPostGUI(dgsWindow)) --Reverse the state

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