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This function allows developers to change DGS render settings.


bool dgsSetRenderSetting( string settingName, mixed value )

DGS OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: dgsRootInstance:setRenderSetting(...)
Counterpart: dgsGetRenderSetting

Required Arguments

  • settingName: The specific setting name you want to operate.
    • postGUI: Global post gui setting ( when a dgs element creates, its "postgui" property will be set according to this render setting ).
      • "true" force to be post gui.
      • "false" force to be under gui.
      • "nil" whether to be post gui depends on dgs elements' property "postGUI".
    • renderPriority: Learn more addEventHandler. Possible values are:
      • "high"
      • "normal"
      • "low"
  • value: Target value.


Returns true if succeed, false otherwise.


DGS = exports.dgs


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