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This function creates a dx font element as default font stored in dgs.

Successful font creation is not guaranteed, and may fail due to hardware or memory limitations.

This function will copy the font file into dgs folder and then load it


element dgsSetSystemFont ( string filepath [, int size=9, bool bold=false, string quality="proof" ] )

DGS OOP Syntax Help! I don't understand this!

Method: dgsRootInstance:setSystemFont(...)
Counterpart: dgsGetSystemFont

Required Arguments

  • filepath: the name of the file containing the font. Or built-in fonts are available (see here Standard_DGS_Font_Names):
    • default
    • default-bold
    • clear
    • arial
    • sans
    • pricedown
    • bankgothic
    • diploma
    • beckett

Optional Arguments

  • size: size of the font
  • bold: flag to indicate if the font should be bold
  • quality: the font quality
    • "default": not the actual default
    • "draft"
    • "proof": the default
    • "nonantialiased"
    • "antialiased"
    • "cleartype"
    • "cleartype_natural"


Returns a true if successful, false otherwise.


DGS = exports.dgs


DGS = exports.dgs


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